One Thing That Should Always Irk You About AI

Wes X
3 min readJun 11, 2024

The glaring flaw in AI that no one wants to talk about.

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

AI consumes everything. It’s is a djinn that materialized out of a black box into newspapers, magazines, websites and anywhere else as a specter that will render everyone useless. The fact that it functions on a level on par with human simpletons has put the fear of God into everyone who uses a computer. The AI djinn has conjured up a mess inside our minds.

With AI, robots meet you at the door and analyze your mood. Shoes let you “walk at the speed of a run”. Bird feeders keep track of birds and identify them for you.

Anyone who writes, or creates, feels the acid-stomach, the oh-my-god-does-my-career-have-only-six-months-left fear. There’s a cloud of doom sweeping across the content creation plains. To them, AI feels like a stage 5 cancer diagnosis.

AI has created a mess inside our minds.

Since I make a living writing words, I started looking for a different career. But then I took a prompt engineering class. I test drove some LLMs. I learned that although it was great for a lot of things, my job is not threatened-yet.

I thought about the hype whipped up by people who wanted AI to succeed. One group, developers, have an affinity for beautiful code. But they…



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